micro skills and workplace health

Improving Micro Skills and Workplace Health

If you plan to spend time reading over the holidays, I recommend a series of articles about how to improve personal and professional micro skills and workplace health. 

The Globe & Mail’s series of articles about employee micro skills and workplace health has many individual and business improvement ideas. These articles would interest both employees and employers reflecting on personal and professional happiness and health. 

The concept of “micro skills” originates from the field of counselling.  Individuals with strong micros skills are self-aware and good communicators.  Employers value these skills in employees and leaders.  Employees with these personal and interpersonal skills have more workplace success.  It has been demonstrated that employee micro skills and workplace health are related. 

The short articles in this series includes ideas about:

  • being kind to others
  • managing stressful relationships
  • rewriting your life story if you are not happy
  • getting more grit
  • learning to think positively
  • calming an anxious brain
  • being a workaholic
  • stopping bullies at work
  • increasing emotional intelligence
  • creating happiness at work  

Relaxation and reflection are micro skills.  The holidays are a perfect time to practice these skills.   Practice by enjoying the holiday season, taking some quiet time for yourself to read and reflect and when New Year’s Eve arrives, consider setting a goal to improve your micro skills and workplace health.

Audra Sayn-Wittgenstein

Audra divides her time as a business and Health & Safety manager establishing and maintaining management systems for Fusion and our clients.

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