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As the saying goes, “Time is money”.
The right people, well-managed, can also contribute to your bottom line.

In fact, people are probably your most valuable asset. With our set of planning and procedure tools we can help you build a productive team, retain your best employees, improve productivity, and curb conflict within your organization.

On-Demand HR Support and Services

Fusion Human Resource consultants provide all the services of an in-house HR department without the cost associated with hiring permanent staff. Whether you need us for a single project, annual reviews, or on-going HR support, we’ve got the resources to support you.

Our HR Expertise

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Fusion HR Solutions and Resources

Recruitment Planning

Our recruitment plan will include sourcing, advertising tips, screening tools, development of interview questions for key positions, interviewing tips, use of employment contracts and the offer. We will also offer advice on the use of outside recruiters and temporary workers.

Workforce Planning

Upsizing? Downsizing? Whatever your organization’s current stage, we will analyze your workforce and develop a succession plan, training plan, and knowledge transfer plan in key areas.

Job Design and Descriptions

In today’s rapidly changing world job descriptions get outdated very quickly, yet they are rarely reviewed leading to under-use of your employees’ skills and unsuitable new hires. Updating job descriptions is especially important when reorganizing a certain position or department in your organization. We step in to assist in the job design process and documentation.

On-Boarding and New Employee Orientation

Make all your hires more successful with an on-boarding program. Our on-boarding programs help welcome new employees and quickly engage them in your organization’s goals. Among other things, the On-Boarding programs include tips for employees’ first day and first week, health & safety training requirements, documentation, and a manager’s checklists of activities.

Employee Handbook

An employee handbook covers all the Human Resource and Safety topics that interest employees. Fusion will draft your employee handbook and ensure your workplace policies and procedures reflect your organization’s culture, are up to date and compliant with legislation.

Workplace Dispute Resolution and Investigations

Workplace issues are notoriously difficult to solve internally due to the emotional involvement and personal interests. Many managers do not know how to effectively deal with problems in the workplace so they ignore problems until they escalate out of control. Fusion consultants assist with conflict management, reviewing individual cases and setting up guidelines for future conflict resolution. We can also set up an Internal Dispute Resolution Process and train your managers to conduct a workplace investigation.

Health & Safety Program

A safe and healthy workplace is an important goal for most organizations. Fusion can help your company ensure your program meets all of your obligations under the Occupational Health & Safety Act and we will set up an easy to follow schedule to ensure your workplace safety program runs smoothly and is reviewed annually.

Workplace Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Violence Prevention

All workplaces in Ontario are required to develop workplace harassment and violence prevention programs. Fusion-designed workplace safety programs will help you meet your obligations for employee training and awareness.

Workplace Injury Prevention and Management

A workplace injury can be devastating for the worker, their family – and for your organization. Our injury management program will help you ensure that the workers are treated quickly and fairly, and your costs as the employer are minimized. An early “return to work” program is an essential part of the injury management system.

Employee Request Accommodation

Not sure whether you must accommodate a specific employee request? We can assist with individual requests as needed, and then develop an accommodation policy to help you manage future requests adhering to the Human Rights Code and Accessibility Act.

AODA Accessibility Requirements Plan

The new accessibility for persons with disabilities legislation (AODA) covers most workplaces in Ontario and requires companies to develop accessible policies and plans for customer service, communication, employment, and public spaces. Our AODA plan will help you meet your obligations under this new legislation.

Compensation, Benefits, and Wellness

A competitive compensation and benefits package is an important tool in ensuring your business attracts and retains the people you need to be successful. Fusion can advise you on options, best practices and recommend solutions for your business.

Employee Engagement and Retention

An “engaged” employee is an asset worth preserving. Understanding what motivates your workers and incorporating changes into your organization that meet your business goals and the needs of your people will help you attract and retain great employees. We implement a variety of tools such as employee surveys, exit interviews, and management training to point your business in the right direction.

Coaching and Performance Management

Working with people can be challenging. Most workplace issues involve personality conflicts rather than issues with a skill or knowledge deficiency. Unfortunately, personality conflicts can quickly deteriorate working relationships and often impact the quality of work in your organization. Coaching your employees is an informal way to manage issues as soon as they arise. Fusion can assist you to set up a program of coaching, performance management, and performance appraisal to keep your workplace on track.

Discipline and Termination

Many managers are uncomfortable with the progressive discipline and termination process, often waiting until they have already determined that they cannot work with an employee to start the discipline process. At this point it is probably too late to properly use this technique, which is designed to modify and correct a performance or behavioural issue. Fusion can develop a program and training for your managers or assist you with a specific situation in your workplace.

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