Pandemic Proof Your Career

The pandemic has led to massive disruptions for the unforeseeable future and we will continue to feel the effects. But don’t despair; there are several strategies that will help you stand out and dramatically increase your hiring prospects in any job market. You will need to adapt to the challenges of this new reality. The economy will always be in flux. Your education and career goals should be similarly fluid.

Sharpen your soft skills

The jobs that can not be made obsolete by machines, or cut from budget in times of crisis, are those that require soft skills like communication, critical thinking, and leadership. Consider upgrading your skills by taking courses that foster creativity, persuasion, and collaboration and more. Such investments are likely to pay dividends in the future.

Hone your transferable skills

Focus on transferable skills that are needed in just about any industry. This is not just about technical skills but also extremely valuable soft skills like effective communication, creative problem-solving and critical thinking. All these will ensure that you will remain employed in whatever role, whatever industry

Expand your network

Use this time to reconnect to like-minded people, previous colleagues, mentors, friends and more. Share about your situation and find out about what is happening and any possible opportunities. Strengthen your relationships by getting help from your connections and asking how you can help them. Ask your connections if they can connect you to someone else.

Think digital

Technology will dictate tomorrow’s jobs. Artificial intelligence will improve the efficiency of virtually every sector, sloughing off repetitive tasks to computers. While technology is replacing jobs, it is also creating new ones. But those new jobs will demand more skills than the jobs being taken away.

Be entrepreneurial

Employers want to see entrepreneurial spirit through extracurricular activities and projects. Think ahead and have a vision for future. Take calculated risks and make deliberate moves while knowing that there are never any guarantees of success. Above all, go out and act on your ideas. Ideas are meaningless until they are acted on. 


Embrace the opportunity that comes from chaos. The pandemic will not last forever. Control what you can for your career future. Now is your chance to show up like a high-potential employee. Check out here to learn more.

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