Ideas to spend the free time during quarantine

Whether you are working from home or your employment has been affected in some way by the pandemic, you can probably find yourself having much more time to spare that ever before. Indisputably, the entire society is taking a hit and it will take time to recover. So it is important to do our share to mitigate the impact of the pandemic. Whether it is taking care of your mental health or volunteering in some way, any contribution whether small or big can help the community through this crisis and after.

Take a look at some of ideas to better spend all the free time you have. Although simple, they are realistic!

Put together an online book club or a virtual party

Agree on a book to read every week, then share your thoughts and comments on the plot, characters and author’s writing style. Set a date, invite your mates, and all log into Zoom or Skype at the same time each week to catch up on all the isolation stories. The best part is that you can stay home in your pajamas and you don’t need to worry about catching a cab home.

Volunteer online

You can host Zoom sessions in your area of expertise for free (like taxes if you’re an accountant or yoga if you’re an instructor) and spread the word on social media.


There are so many great at-home apps and YouTube videos to try. You could opt for a guided class or just look up moves to replicate at your own pace. 

Learn a new skill online

If you were pro in a foreign language in high school but have since lost your magic or you’re a first-timer, now is a good time to download a language app and start practicing.

Do some spring cleaning

Spend a few hours sorting through your messy closet or kitchen pantry and set aside anything you don not need. Head over to that junk drawer you have been avoiding and do some re-organizing. You have got the time on your hands so you might as well put it to good use. 

Take up an exercising regimen

Consider attending online free gym classes. Set up an online meeting to exercise together with friends. Pull up those Instagram workouts you have saved for later but never looked back it. It is now the perfect time to focus on some of your fitness goals and crush them. 

Start DIY projects

There might be plenty of things around your house that could use some sprucing up. Whether it is painting a door frame, or building your own wooden trellis, these minor home updates will improve the environment, and thus your mood.

Prepare your garden for planting

Now is a good time to dive into gardening. But even if you do not have a garden or a backyard, you can get in on the fun with a small herb garden for your balcony or kitchen. You can also order indoor plants online.


There are plenty of things to do to help yourself and others. So get off the couch and do not let inactivity to become a habit. Here are more ideas for you to digest!


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