Resume Strategies to Make it Stand Out

Resume writing trends have evolved tremendously in the last few years. Listing what one has done in every job they held is no longer enough effort to get past the first step and secure an interview. An employer needs to see how your accomplishments will help improve specific situation of their company. Your resume is your key to document your accomplishments and tailor it to what a targeted company needs so they can differentiate you from other candidates. Now everyone is trying to get ahead of the game and win the attention of hiring managers, so how do you stand out when everybody is making the same shift?

The top one third is the most important part

This section should be the summary of the highlights of your career. In this part you need to show the targeted company how your unique values will help resolve their specific problems. You need to show that you have an exceptional capability not just to solve that problem but to impact their bottom line.

Be brief

Your career might be loaded with accomplishments and of course they are all important, but not all of them are important to a specific company. Be confident in and specific about what you are offering. The more jargon you use the more you talk yourself out. Overwhelming your resume with keywords makes it more robotic, remember they need to hire a person.

Always be prepared to apply

You should always be prepared for that next opportunity that becomes open. If you are updating your resume after you see an opportunity, it is already too late. You need to track your accomplishments on a regular basis so that you have access to specific numbers and results in your performance. This way, when you are presenting your resume to a company, all you need to do is to streamline and tailor it.

Keep other’s viewpoint in mind when writing your resume

Consider your resume the only thing one will see and know about you. What is taken for granted to you might be mind blowing to someone else and vice versa. Use words that will show the employer you are the missing piece of the puzzle.

Your resume is the first time the hiring manager reads about your career story. Employers hire who they can trust, so make a resume as if it is the first step in building that trust. Show the employer why you are a go to person and what they can come to you for that they can not accomplish without you. You need to come up with a unique blend of keywords and your personality to demonstrate knowledge of industry and job and let them know you are that person that will fit well within the culture and team.

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