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5 Tips for Job Searching During a Pandemic

Job searching during a pandemic can be a tricky balancing act. These last few months have shifted the job market substantially. A short few months ago, we had record level unemployment levels. Now, many people are struggling to find work, or benefits to cover essentials. Were you one of the millions who have lost their job due to the novel Coronavirus? If so, here are 5 Tips for Job Searching During a Pandemic.

  1. Don’t Wait for the Crisis to Pass

Many people are uncertain about whether now is a good time to be job searching, after so many businesses have closed their doors. However, it would be foolish to put your job search on hold. There are still a lot of companies who are hiring and looking to boost their teams by attracting from the large candidate pool currently in the market. As lockdown restrictions ease, the millions who have lost their jobs in the early months of this year will all be out and looking for work. So, do you want to stand out, or be one in millions searching?

  1. Stick to a Schedule

Whether you’re laid off or working from home, it can be challenging to maintain the schedule you once had. But, when job searching, it’s best not to become too relaxed. Create a routine or schedule to keep your head in the game and prepare yourself for returning to work. Your future boss may not be impressed with you sleeping in or coming to work exhausted. Go to bed and wake up at the same times every day, eat well-rounded meals and get some exercise in during your day to help stay at your best.

  1. Upgrade Your Skills

Now is a great time to sign up for an online course to upgrade your skills. Many companies are offering free courses during the pandemic. Why not take advantage of these opportunities?

  1. Sell Yourself

Right now, fewer companies are hiring. So, you should not be relying on sending your resume to every post you see if you don’t want to be just a number. But, you can take time to analyze a job ad and compare the requirements to transferable skills you already possess. Be sure to highlight these as reasons why you’re the best fit for the role.

  1. Practice Your (Remote) Interview Skills

If you’re stuck at home, now is a great time to practice your remote interview skills. Ask a friend or family member to fill in as a mock interviewer to test out how you look and present yourself in a video interview. The more relaxed you are during a real interview, the more likely to come off as confident and prepared for the role.


For more information on job searching during a pandemic head over to The Balance Careers for extra tips. And, for what not to do, Forbes has a great article here.

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