Carol Irwin

Human Resource Consultant


Carol is Fusion’s HR consultant with over twenty years of experience. Carol’s extensive expertise allows her to create practical HR solutions and best practices that can be easily implemented in the workplace.

Role at Fusion

Carol works with our clients to develop and improve HR policies, procedures, employee programs, and solve difficult people management issues; her strengths are in project management, training and conflict resolution.

Carol’s recent professional involvement includes building an HR program from the ground up, which gives her an insider’s perspective on current HR needs.


Bachelor of Commerce
Human Resource Management Graduate Certificate 

Words of Wisdom

“To our clients:
Lead by being your own best employee – be enthusiastic, energized, and hard-working. Support your team; people can accomplish great things in a supportive environment.

To our candidates:
Know yourself; be honest; continue building your skills; use your network.”

Personal Motto

“Keep learning new things.”


“I’m drawn to beauty in the everyday environment and enjoy creating. Favorite activities are daily hikes in nature, reading, and travel.  I also enjoy sewing, family photography, and drawing.”