Michael Caicco

Managing Partner, Director Talent Acquisition 


Michael is Fusion’s Managing Partner and Director of Talent Acquisition. He is actively involved in working with our clients to define their business needs, and consulting them on staffing and human resource management.

Role at Fusion

Michael is our clients’ first point of contact and key strategic advisor. When meeting clients, Michael evaluates their overall business goals, listens to their wants, and assesses the company’s true needs. He then designs optimal staffing and HR solutions using the expertise he gained in over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience.

Michael is also involved in high profile staff searches. Methodical and meticulous in his approach, he has an eye for what sets apart the good candidates from the great ones. Over the years, Michael has developed an extensive network of relationships allowing him to match talented professionals and businesses with great success and high retention rates.

Guiding Principle

Honesty, integrity, and respect in recruiting services.

Professional Memberships


Personal Motto

“Anything can be achieved with dedication and hard work.”

Words of Wisdom

“Best employees don’t get laid off: if you want the best talent for your company, you need to actively source and recruit them.”


“When not at work, I enjoy the outdoors and being active. Sports (hockey, golf, baseball) have always been a part of my life and in recent years I’ve become more active with hiking, snowshoeing, and going to the gym.

Collecting wine is a favorite pastime. Sharing and enjoying a fine vintage with family and friends in the backyard is always a welcome experience. Check out our newsletter archive to see some of my latest finds and recommendations.”